Release v3.1

v3.1 has been released ! The theme was “user experience improvements” - and that’s what it delivers !


  • create view from application definition
  • performance improvements (view creation, conversion, graph operations…)
  • queries on anthology to discover about NuGet usage and unused projects
  • clone, pull & publish commands are way faster
  • find published application in given version
  • .net core support (support for )
  • NuGet applications
  • and as usual, bug fixes of course !

And last but not least, full-build v3.1 brings static views(–static). This kind of view can be stored anywhere in repositories as they are stored where the view is defined. They can be committed into your SCM allowing developers to quick start on projects by double-clicking on them. So they look like standard solution files but not that much indeed: view is dynamically generated and based on anthology which means they are always up-to-date even in front of project dependencies changes. Thanks to Sergii for bringing this great feature !


Next release v3.2 will focus on bringing Docker as an application type. See v3.2 for more information or if you want to contribute.

Also some work is in preparation for v4.0:

  • change the way baseline is managed (using tags instead)
  • simplify indexation/conversion process
  • scripting capabilities to describe a build process (like AppVeyor)

We are recruting !

It’s worthful to recall this project is still looking for people to contribute:

  • documentation : it’s rather incomplete (see wiki)
  • Visual Studio plugin : we’d like to have a VS plugin to help adding/removing project reference & NuGet, creating views…
  • Core : we have a lot of ideas but missing people to implement them. If you know or want to learn F#, please contribute !
  • Site : documentation, blog, presentation

Contributors for v3.1 release

  • Pierre Chalamet
  • Sergii Salata
Written on December 3, 2016