Release v3.0

v3.0 has been released ! This version mostly consists of a vast code refactoring: a real graph is now implemented internally (it was a collection of nodes previously) leading to a far cleaner code.


Some helpful enhancements were also implemented:

  • ability to pull in parallel (use –mt)
  • upgrade with a different channel (use –alpha or –beta)
  • warning when view creation leads to empty selection
  • ability to detect modified repositories and then build only some artifacts


v3.0 is a new foundation for full-build with a formal features versioning. So, what’s coming next ?

  • v3.1 - user experience improvements : static views, indexing/conversion simplification, runtime dependencies retrieval
  • v3.2 - docker support : will enable docker image artifact and push to registry

We are recruiting !

Meanwhile, the team is looking for people to help on those areas !

  • documentation : it’s rather incomplete (see wiki)
  • Visual Studio plugin : we’d like to have a VS plugin to help adding/removing project reference & NuGet, creating views…
  • Core : we have a lot of ideas but missing people to implement them. If you know or want to learn F#, please contribute !
  • Site : documentation, blog, presentation

Contributors for v3.0 release

  • Pierre Chalamet
  • Sergii Salata
Written on October 29, 2016